Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Freebies

Don' forget Earth Day this year! A lot of businesses are giving away freebies for you! Check out the following freebies and don't forget to be kind to earth! The best thing you can do is REUSE and REDUCE everything!

At participating Starbucks, you can bring in a reusable mug on April 22 to get free brewed coffee or tea.

Origins is offering a trade-in program on Earth Day. Receive a free, full-size face cleanser when you bring one of your empty skin-care bottles (from any brand) to any Origins retail store or department-store counter for recycling. Choose from "A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser With White Tea" or "Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash".

Target is hosting a "Refresh Your Nest" sweepstakes that wraps up on April 30. Enter the sweepstakes online and win a chance to give your home a $50,000 makeover that's both stylish and sustainable. Even if you don't win the ultimate prize, you still could win one of several fun, eco-friendly prizes, from eco-vacations to home energy makeovers to energy-efficient consumer electronics.

At the Disney Store, you can trade in five disposable plastic bags for recycling and receive a free reusable shopping bag on April 22.

Lowe's is giving away one million trees on April 23.

The best thing you can do is REUSE and REDUCE everything! Think about getting some reusable snack bags for your kids lunches or a reusable water bottle. Both will cut down on the amount of waste!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recycling Refresher

Here is a quick refresher in recycling in honor of Earth Day. I know we sometimes loose our path throughout the year. Earth Day is a great way to start over and give yourself a kickoff to a healthier happier planet!

Recycle these products at home:
• Aluminum/steel cans & empty aerosol cans
• Plastic bottles & jars (#1 & #2 only)
• Glass jars & bottles (any color)
• Phone books, newspapers, magazines, cardboard and paperboard, mixed paper and junk

Be sure to follow the preparation guidelines:
• Empty and rinse all recyclable containers
• Separate your paper from all other materials.
• Flatten cardboard boxes

Some things you can’t place in your recycling bin and better to avoid buying all together.
• Styrofoam
• Plastic deli tubs
• Unmarked plastics
• Window glass
• Light bulbs
• Drinking glasses
• #3-#7 plastics- depending on where you live.

Aluminum Cans: Aluminum sheet for the production of new cans
Steel: Food cans, automotive bodies and parts, appliances and construction
#1 Plastic: Bottles, plastic strapping, carpet, clothing, fiberfill for jackets and

#2 Plastic: Food and beverage containers, detergent bottles, drainage
pipe and lawn furniture

Glass: Glass jars and bottles, fiberglass insulation and substitute materials for
civil engineering applications

Newspaper/Mixed Paper: News print, corrugated cardboard, paperboard
containers, paper bags, tissue and egg cartons


Recycling 1 aluminum can saves enough energy to run your TV for 3

Recycling 1 glass bottle or jar saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours

Recycling 1 ton of newspaper saves:
• 17 mature trees
• 7,000 gallons of water
• 380 gallons of oil
• 587 pounds of air pollution
• Enough energy to heat a home for six months

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Necular or Not?

After the crisis in Japan there has been aof questions about nuclear power. Here are some intersting Q&A from Brian Imus Illinois PIRG State Director.

Q: Just how risky is nuclear power?

A: Very. Every operating nuclear power plant in the United States has a pool of spent fuel on site, and the possibility of a Fukushima-like loss of coolant—and ensuing release of radiation—is quite real. A worst-case accident involving one of these pools could make more than 2,700 miles of land unfit for human habitation, lead to as many as 143,000 cancer fatalities within 500 miles of the accident site, and cause more than $700 billion in property damage.[i]

Even minor exposures to radiation released during a nuclear accident can cause health problems, including cancer later in life. [ii] Radioactive materials stay dangerous for thousands of years.

Q: Wasn’t the disaster in Japan caused by a combination of events—the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent power outage—that couldn't happen here?

A: Between hurricanes, tornadoes, human error, the potential for terrorist attack, mechanical failure, the age of our nuclear reactors and yes—earthquakes and tsunamis—it’s not outrageous to think that a major incident could happen at any one of the 104 nuclear reactors operating at the United States. Each of America's nuclear power stations share the same vulnerabilities as the nuclear reactors in Japan.[iii]

Q: Don’t we need nuclear power to keep the lights on?

A: Not necessarily. Nuclear power currently generates about 20 percent of the U.S. electricity supply, and it would be difficult to immediately shut existing reactors down. But we don’t need to continue to allow nuclear reactors to operate beyond the 40 years they were originally designed for, and we don’t need to build new reactors.

We have vast safe energy resources that can do a better job of keeping the lights on. And they don’t explode, spill, or contaminate food supplies with radiation. For example, if we improved efficiency, in the next 20 years we could free up as much electricity as 100 new nuclear reactors could generate.[iv]

And America’s entire electricity needs could be met by the sunlight falling on a 100-mile-square patch of Nevada desert, or by the wind blowing across North Dakota.[v]

Q: But isn’t nuclear power cheap?

A: No, it’s expensive and a bad investment. Nuclear power is among the most costly approaches to solving America’s energy problems. You just have to look at the history of nuclear power to understand. Of 75 nuclear reactors completed between 1966 and 1986, the average cost was more than triple the original construction budget.[vi] In 1985, Forbes magazine wrote that “the failure of the U.S. nuclear power program ranks as the largest managerial disaster in business history, a disaster on a monumental scale.”[vii]

The industry instead turned to taxpayer support. Over the last fifty years, American taxpayers have subsidized nuclear power to the tune of $145 billion.[viii] That’s more than the entire value of the electricity produced.[ix]

Wall Street investors still won’t touch nukes because the technology is too risky and too expensive. In contrast, investors are lining up to support newer renewable technologies, because they are more cost effective. Per dollar of investment, safe energy solutions—such as energy efficiency and wind power—deliver far more electricity than nuclear reactors.[x]

Q: Isn’t nuclear power better for the environment?

No. Energy efficiency is better. So are wind and solar power. These energy sources are better at preventing the kind of pollution that comes from fossil fuel plants than nuclear reactors because they are cheaper. They also don’t pose any risk of contaminating land, water or food with radioactive pollution.

For more information, and to get regular updates, visit our blog.


Brian Imus
Illinois PIRG State Director

P.S. Please feel free to share this message with your friends and family.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Geen Up Your Shopping This Year!

Green Shopping Guide!

This year spread the green. Not only "Be green", but give the "Gift of Green" to others. Help others go green and give great gifts at the same time.

To-Go-Ware, Reusies, and Wrap n Mats make great gifts for the teachers, mail persons, hair dressers, and anyone else who eats on the go!

California Baby Holiday Cheer Aromatherapy Bubble Bath makes a great Christmas or Chanukah gift, stocking stuffer—a thoughtful gift any child would love. And it comes with a bubble stick so the kids can enjoy blowing bubble right in their own bath!! Lots of fun in the tub.

And don't forget those last minute toy gifts. Green Toys and Plan Toys are among the highest rated and greenest toys out there! Fun toys that kids enjoy and safe for everyone! Check out the today show clip below! Hot toys now available for Christmas!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cyber Monday is Green Afterall !

Well its here. Its Holiday shopping time once again. Now that Thanksgiving is behind us we can officially kick off the holiday shopping. Its soon to be "Cyber Monday". Cyber Monday is the Monday following Thanksgiving Day. The term made its debut on November 28, 2005 and is now considered the Biggest Online Shopping Day of the Year!

But how can we shop for our green products AND do it in a green way. "Online shopping" is the answer!!!

"E-commerce reduces the environmental impact of shopping by using about a third less energy than traditional retail".(Wall Street Journal)."

"A study out by the Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute offers a scientifically rigorous estimate of e-commerce’s green benefits. E-commerce not only uses less energy, but its carbon footprint is also a third smaller than bricks-and-mortar retail, the scientists found."
Lead researcher H. Scott Matthews compared the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions required to deliver a small flash drive to a shopper via a trip to a traditional store versus buying and shipping the flash drive via the internet. The scientists found that by far the largest environmental cost of traditional shopping is a consumer driving his or her own car to a store. Much of the energy expenditure for e-commerce also goes towards last-mile delivery. But a UPS truck delivering dozens of packages along its daily route uses a less energy per package, on average. That’s where e-commerce really shines. (Wall Street Journal)

So get your green on, because E-commerce not only uses less energy, but its carbon footprint is also a third smaller than bricks-and-mortar retail!

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